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Maple Study Services is a registered education consultancy that provides solutions for students who want to pursue studies in Canada. Our office is conveniently located in Toronto, Canada, which provides students “On the Ground” expertise and assistance where required.

Our clients recognize the need to have an entire framework which is adaptable and supported by a professional well-rounded plan, which takes them from where they are now to their ultimate goal and NOT just to the next step.

Over 10 years of expert experience backed by professionals

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Canada is famous for its high-quality education, and all the opportunities that come with it. It is with good reason that international students choose Canada.


Students can work while in school and after graduation. There are many opportunities for both students and graduates to use their education for employment.


Canada is open and students who are educated in Canada are given many opportunities to use their education and experience to migrate & stay permanently.

An Average Student Experience is not good enough...

We know once you start looking at studying to Canada it may seem daunting, or you may even be confused about where or how to start. We get it as most people begin their journey this way. In reality, there are three pathways/lines to study in Canada and our goal is to get you onto the green line and keep you there.

By understanding your situation, we can get you on the green line quickly and efficiently so you can start making informed decisions about your academic future in Canada.


We believe in a seamless transition to Canada that ensures a stress-free experience.
We support your journey to Canada, by giving you access to the professional services and expertise you require to have an Amazing Student Experience.

Educational Services

Maple Study Services guides you through the numerous options that are available to you, while works to understand your unique needs/goals. This ensures that you are connected to “right-fit” institutions with relevant programs necessary to accelerate your professional and career goals.

Immigration Services

Maple Study Services is strategically partnered with Maple Immigration Services to provide all-inclusive support. Maple Immigration’s expertise is readily available to bolster your Student Visa application ensuring professional representation and preparation at all stages.


We understand that studying/immigrating to a different country can be challenging, and you need on the ground services once you arrive. Once you land you can access ongoing personalized support to ensure that you not only get off to a good start but stay on track with your goals.

Our Success Stories

Educational Partners

At Maple Study Services, we pride ourselves on connecting our students with the appropriate education institution/program for the desired goals. We do not fit you into a program, but we fit the program to you. This is supported by our growing affiliations with educational institutions across Ontario, as well as direct contact with major education institutions across the country. This means you will have the support from our team of well-connected and experienced consultants behind you, to ensure that you can access the program and school that match your personal and professional goals. Some of the schools that Maple Study has partnered with include:


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