Maple Immigration Services is an Immigration Consultancy that is focused on advising and providing services globally across all the Immigration Pathways available in Canada. We have a team of Immigration Consultants and Professionals who provide ongoing; personalized support for all your immigration needs. Maple Immigration Services is our exclusive partner and as a client of Maple Visa Services you have access to a full suite of services which you will require to complete your studies, and any immigration solutions you will need in your migration journey.

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Maple ID Services specializes in providing fingerprint checks for immigration, travel, and employment purposes. Maple ID Services is proud to be accredited by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), which is the National Police Service of Canada, to conduct digital fingerprint checks that are submitted directly to the National Headquarters from our office in Toronto. This accreditation allows Maple ID Services the ability to carry out police checks for other jurisdictions worldwide as well as for Canada.

Maple Visa Services is a registered education consultancy that provides solutions for students who want to pursue studies in Canada. The office is conveniently located in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, with a focus on the Mindanao/Greater Visayas Region. The company’s goal is to ensure access to world class international services for Filipinos so that they can tap into a world class program that fits into their life plans and budget, while being advised professionally by accredited/regulated immigration professionals.

Second passport empowers people to secure their immigration/citizenship status in Canada by giving you the control to design your journey. From DIY courses to Private Client Services, Second Passport believes in giving you the choice in your Canadian Immigration Journey. Second Passport is a based on an innovative system (The Immigration Success System™) that empowers you with the properly knowledge required for your success while ensuring that you have an understanding, a realistic and actionable plan, and you need the action to put it in place to succeed.

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